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All About People Awards & Event

Setting new standards in the UK MICE Forums & Networking events 


There are a number of MICE networking events around but none have seen a growth in popularity like this one. In three short years “All about people” has come onto the scene and is setting the standards. The secret, if you like, is in the title of the event. It is “People” and there needs who are at the core of what and how it is organised. Our objective is simple. Create an environment that is conducive to build and strengthen relationships. This we do by ensuring that all participants enjoy their time creating memorable moments and building the trust which is needed to conduct business.


If we could write the recipe then these would be the ingredients:


DESTINATION:   We pick a destination which has the right attraction for all participants. It is never too far from the UK and easily accessible. TRAVEL & INTEREST


TIME:                      Precious to all of us. The event starts on a Friday and the return is on Sunday. No real time out of the office.


PARTNERS:         This event is guided by the Destination Partners. These are made up out of the CVB, DMC, Airline and Hotel partner. INPUT v OBJECTIVES


PARTICIPANTS:  A balance between buyers and suppliers is key. No more than 50 suppliers and 100 buyers. AVAILABILTY & WELLBEING


PROGRAM:         Working and Networking go hand in hand. Enough free time and activities versus working and learning. VALUE & RESPECT


50 International Hosts & 100 UK MICE Guests the Perfect balance

....we don't compromise....


On request from the Hosts & Guests 2018 will see 2 events. 


16-18 March - "All about people Event & Awards"

Tenerife @ The Hard Rock Hotel


5-7 October - "All about people Event"

Destination & Venue to be announced soon



As in previous years we aim to have a ratio of 2 clients per suppliers and a maximum of 50 suppliers and 100 clients.

Not too big but big enough to matter!


Host Packages

Workshop Package

This is a standard package in which you have a table to present at in the main workshop room.

  • 45 available “1on1” appointments tables per event
  • 25-27, 15 minute appointment slots
  • Split over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Requested by the clients which:
  • Guarantees you “interest” your offer
  • Avoids time wasting
  • Highly qualified
  • Start appointments with: “What can I do for you?”


This includes

  • Two night stay with breakfast at the event hotel
  • Welcome Cocktail & Dinner
  • Activities
  • Workshop sessions
  • Cocktail and Awards Dinner
  • Based on 1 person attending per table

Destination Package

With this package you have your private room to accommodate and welcome groups of buyers for a group presentation. This package is on request due to the select number of packages available. This package is available to 2 presenters.

  • 5 workshop rooms only available per event
  • 12-14, 30 minute presentation slots
  • Split over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • All clients attend all 5 presentations
  • See all clients attending the event
  • Longer time to interact and present
  • Group size between 5-7 per slot


This includes

  • Two rooms for a two night stay with breakfast at the event hotel
  • Welcome Cocktail & Dinner
  • Activities
  • Workshop sessions
  • Cocktail and Awards Dinner
  • Based on 2 persons attending

The Program for 2018



  • Morning departures from the UK 
  • Welcome and opening session
  • “1on1” and destination workshops
  • Welcome cocktail & dinner
  • Overnight



  • Breakfast
  • Morning “1on1” and destination workshops
  • Afternoon free or activities
  • Return to hotel and change for the awards dinner
  • Awards dinner outside the hotel
  • Entertainment
  • Overnight



  • Breakfast
  • Morning “1on1” and destination workshops
  • Farewell lunch
  • Departures to the UK


“1on1” Workshop

  • Guests request to meet for 15 minutes with the Hosts of their choice. A tried and tested way to meet and exchange.


Destination Workshop

  • At the event there will be 5 destination workshops which are 30 minutes and where small groups of clients meet with representatives from a certain destination.  An exchange of information and experience.

What are the: All About People Awards

In simple words: A personal recognition by awarded to you by your peers! Only 2 awards to be won by one Client and one Host Award. The voting is done by you the participants and is a personal recognition for the winner. The awards are truly awarded for to the person instead of the company they represent.

Past Winners - Hall of Fame


Robbert-Jan Meinardi - Huis ter Duin

Matt Curran - Chew Events


Ann-Marie Gildea - Barcelo Hotels & Resorts

Fiona Marshall - CCD Global Events 


Nicolas Sancho - Concventions Malta

David Kemsley - Avenue Events


Feel free to contact us if you want to be part of this event. 

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