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The perfect quality client event which has seen hundreds of clients and hosts since 2012. A perfect way for both parties to meet, exchange and build relationships.


It responds to the current work climate with time even more precious than ever before. Suppliers being able to do a "Sales week" in 24 hours and for Clients to see a good range of national and international suppliers. All this set in a top of the range venue with a relaxed atmosphere.


Even with the whole Brexit issues the UK remains strong and we do not foresee any real change coming after this has been solved.


Reserved for 10 hosts/suppliers and 20 guests/buyers it corresponds to the needs of both parties. A tried, successful and unique MICE client sales event. 


Take 2 minutes and watch the video below which conveys the feeling and message much better than anything we could write.


"Be our guest at”


17.00   “1on1” workshop session

19.30   Finish workshop

20.00   Cocktail

20.30   Dinner

22.00   After dinner drinks


            Breakfast optional and at leisure


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